What we have been up to..

October 30, 2015

We’ve had quite a quiet week at nursery as lots of children have been on half term. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had lots of fun though…

We’ve been on an explore in the woods, going down ditches, climbing through big branches and climbing on trees. The children have been “leading” the way and seeing if they can remember how to get back.

We’ve also been over to feed the ducks and also ended up feeding a lot of seagulls too.

In nursery we have made pink play dough which the children have enjoyed using to make many different things. We’ve also made a princes castle and tower from our junk modelling and painted it purple. We enjoyed making some Halloween pictures with green and orange paint and making ghosts with our footprints.

The children have decorated biscuits and i’m sure they enjoyed eating them.

We’ve been out in the garden splashing in puddles and seeing how many jumps we can do on the trampoline.

We’ve been using the calculators to recognise numbers and playing with the abacus to count items.

We’ve had lots of fun this week and are looking forward to hearing all of our friends stories about what they got up to when they get back next week.

What we have been up to…

October 23, 2015

We hope you’ve had a lovely week, here’s a bit about what we’ve all been up to..

Some of the children went off for an adventure in the woods to take part in Forest School. We built a den from some big branches and the children even found some bricks to add to it! We then went for an explore in the woods, going further in than we had been before, we found some rabbit holes and horse hoof prints. We also found a lovely field which we are going to have a picnic at in the summer. the children have decided it should be a Teddy bears Picnic and Mummy’s and Daddy’s should come along too (i’m not sure they realise how far away summer is!)

We have also enjoyed many different Halloween activities this week. We made witches hats with yummy cookies and cones, decorated cakes with green icing and made a spooky ginger bread house. We also drew designs for Pumpkins and the children voted for whose they thought should be carved on to one of our pumpkins. Our Halloween fun was all brought together yesterday when we had a great party. We did some apple bobbing, dived in jelly for spiders, wrapped each other up as Mummies and played spooky musical games.All the children had a great time and we all did too :)

We’ve been using our hall time to play some stop and go games which are great for encouraging listening skills as well as promoting physical development. We’ve set up a range of courses for the children to use different climbing and balancing skills on.

The garden has been lots of fun this week with all the leaves! The children have loved throwing them about and burying each other in them. They have also made some bonfires and have been cooking sausages. Even though the weather is getting colder the children are still insisting on “selling” ice creams out of the window of our little house. They won’t believe me that it’s too cold and it should now be hot chocolate! 

A couple of weeks ago we had Hannah from Boogie beast come in and do a singing and dancing session with the children, they all loved it and because of this we will now be having Hannah at nursery every other week. She will come for this term on a Monday and Thursday morning. This will just be for the children who attend on those days.

The under 2’s had lots of fun with water, jugs and cups, making tea for everyone and getting very wet!

In language group Hayley has been focusing on forming letter and writing names, she has been using a range of different methods for this. From pencil and paper to whiteboards, to chalk boards to water.

In number group we have been looking at numbers up to 25, ordering them, recognising them and counting in sequence.

We hope you all have lovely weekend and thank you for reading, don’t forget the clocks go back on Sunday!

What have we been up to…

October 16, 2015

It’s been another fun week at nursery, here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to.

We’ve been getting messy with gloop, the babies have been exploring it with their hands, making marks and making lots of mess. The older children have been using tools to make marks and form letters and draw pictures.

At the easel we have had the primary colours out and the children have been mixing them to make different colours, they have enjoyed mixing more and more together and ending up with brown! I also introduced some combs to the painting area to make marks with but the children thought that was a silly idea and just kept putting them in the hairdressing box, we obviously have some very tidy children.

A few of the children went over to the school field to watch the school children play a tag rugby tournament, they all had lots of fun cheering on the big children and had a go at rugby themselves when they got back.

We’re still busy working on all the family books, the children are enjoying looking through each others photos and discussing their families.

We’ve got a few new games at nursery including pop up pirate and Buckaroo, both of which have supplied lots of laughs and enjoyment.

The children have been getting creative with the junk modelling and some children have built some pretty impressive models.

You may notice in the garden that there is lots of chalk on the walls and floor, this is because the children have been making it snow, so have been hard at work colouring things with chalk. You never know maybe this year we’ll actually get some real snow!

Don’t forget photos are next Tuesday and our Halloween Party is next Thursday 2.30-4.30, all children invited! Fancy dress would be fantastic.

What we have been up to …

October 9, 2015

This week really has sped past, it’s been a fun and busy week at nursery.

Here’s a little about what we have been up to:

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Hannah at Boogie beats who came and did some singing and dancing with us all. She was joined by Giggles the monkey who the children loved. Hannah was great at getting the children involved and it was lovely seeing some of our quieter children join in and have a dance and sing along. We’re hoping to have Hannah back again at nursery, if you would like some more information on Boogie beast then let me know as I have some leaflets.

Thank you to all the parents that have brought in photos for Family books, this is a project that is going to take quite some time as we are focusing one to one with the children and encouraging lots of discussion about their photos and special people. The children are really enjoying looking at their photos and telling their friends all about them.

This week we have also been doing lots of different mark making using a range of paints, crayons, whiteboard markers and our new super funky felt tip pens (ask your child about them!). We have looking at the older children’s pencil grips and supporting them to use a steady and effective grip. Fine motor skills are really important to your childs development and can be encouraged and developed in a variety of ways. From offering a variety of mark making tools, to encouraging fastening of buttons and zips, to threading activities and using a knife and fork.

Some of the children went off to do Forest School this week, where they discussed safety points and were then encouraged to go off and explore by themselves, working their way through their own problems and managing their own risks. Alice Holt offer a Early Years Forest School session on a Monday, I don’t know too much about it but there is more information on this link  http://www.wild-learning.net/index.php/early-years-forest-school/

You may have noticed we have had lots of fun in the mud and puddles this week. The rain has provided the perfect opportunity for plenty of puddle splashing that the children have eagerly engaged in (and so have I!) Some children have all in one waterproof suits, these are fantastic and would be a great idea for all children to have. So if you have one or are thinking of getting one then please bring it in so your child can enjoy the rain without getting too wet. 

Some important dates:

Tuesday 20th October– Donna the photographer will be in to take photos of your child which you have the opportunity to purchase. If you would prefer your child not to be photographed then please let me know. If your child doesn’t attend on a Tuesday then you are more than welcome to come along with them from 8-10 am to have their photo taken.

Thursday 22nd October– Halloween Party 2.30-4.30 (children only). Fancy dress. If your child doesn’t attend on a Thursday then we would still love them to join us, can you please let me know if they will be coming in so I can ensure we have enough staff.

W/C 26th October – Half term, Children on a 42 week contract will not be attending nursery for the week

Wednesday 4th October – Hotdogs and glow sticks night 4.30-5.30 (Parents invited). I am hoping to have some sparklers on the night but these will only be for children whose parents are in attendance and have gloves. 

I am also looking in to doing a trip to Aldershot Army Museum with the 3 and 4 years old children. We would get the bus there and back. For this trip there would be a small charge to parents and we could do with a couple of parent helpers, so if you’re interested please let me know.  If this trip is successful I will look in to doing a trip including the younger children at a later date. 

Thanks for reading and we hope you all have a lovely weekend.

What we have been up to…

October 2, 2015

Here’s a little insight in to what we have been up to…

We’ve been out and about a lot this week, some children went to the woods to take part in Forest School with Lindsay. They climbed trees and built dens. They all came back with lots of stories to tell and rosy cheeks. It’s lovely seeing the enthusiasm the children have for their woodland adventures and it’s great hearing from parents that some of the children have enjoyed forest adventures of their own with Mummy and Daddy. In forests school the children have also been spotting lots of toadstools, they enjoy looking at them and know they mustn’t touch them.

We also went out for a walk to find some conkers, the children enjoyed hunting for them and spotting them in the grass, they also found some conkers with letters on and used them to spell their names and simple words. When we got back from the conker hunt the children helped to hide some around the garden and they went on their very own conker hunt, filling up lots of buckets with conkers and giving clues to their friends. We then got out the balance scales and abacus and counted up how many conkers the children had found and whose weighed the most. We then left these resources out for the children to explore themselves and they found many more things to weigh and count. This is an important part of a child learning, to provide them with a resource and show them how to use it. Then leave it out for them to explore themselves and find others way to use it. We’re also seeing the children finding new uses for different things, some of which we would never have thought of! Why not provide your child with a selection of random objects and just sit back and watch? This can be done for any age as all children are eager to explore and learn.

We’ve been using music in different ways at nursery, seeing how we move to music of different types and using different body parts to balance and dance. We’ve also been playing a game called “green elbows”, we play some music and then when the music stops shout out a colour and body part. The children then have to find something of that colour and put the nominated body part on it. This helps with colour recognition and naming of body parts and it’s also lots of fun and causes lots of laughing!

The older children have been focusing on observing and exploring objects and then separating them in to groups to do with their properties. The children have enjoyed learning the differences between metal, wood and plastic and sorting objects in to these groups. Then finding objects themselves and grouping them by size, look, feel, use etc. This encourages the children to use their own thoughts to come up with ideas as to why things should be in the same group. Why not go on a hunt around your house and see what you can find, you could do this as a treasure hunt or just collect anything and then work out how to group them. It’s great hearing some of the reasons why things should go together. 

In number group the children have been practising counting objects and writing numbers, some have been joining dots up and others copying numbers. They have all been working really hard and have lots of fun using different pens, pencils and crayons to write with.

In language group the children have started to look at sounding out and using letter cards to form short three letter words. This is supported by constant letter and sound recognition.

The younger children have this week enjoyed heuristic play, working out shape sorters, making lots of noise with musical instruments, filling containers in the sand, using their physical skills on the slides, trampoline and tunnel and exploring the treasure baskets.

In the hall today the children practised their balancing skills on an obstacle course and enjoyed trying to get around it quickly to avoid getting eaten by the shark (me), this was a very fun game and the children were eager to out smart me.

Right now the children are busy with Hayley making a “Gerald Giraffe” from one of their favourite books “Giraffe’s can’t dance”.