What we have been up to…

September 11, 2015

Here’s a little insight in to our week at nursery…

We’ve been talking about healthy eating and which different foods give us energy. The children enjoyed peeling and chopping their own fruit to make fruit kebabs. They found the banana quite tricky to peel but easy to chop and the satsuma was a bit easier to peel. The trickiest to cut was the kiwi, the children persevered and were all very proud of their lovely kebabs. They decided fruit tastes much better if you can eat it off of a stick. We then started to talk about smoothies and the children have decided they would like to make them next week. I think they are very eager to have a go at using the “special machine”that makes the smoothies! Why not make some fruit kebabs at home, perhaps with some yoghurt to dip them in? I’m sure the children will love to show you how to make them. If you have any healthy snack ideas that you do at home and you think the children would enjoy please let us know.

We’ve also been busy making a mobile with lots of letters and numbers. The children helped to draw the numbers and letters and then cut them out. We haven’t put the mobile together yet but it will soon be hanging up in nursery. The children love using scissors and it is a great skill for them to have. It is quite a tricky concept to operate them and it is something that is very difficult to teach a child. They learn best through trial and error themselves. We often see the children merrily chopping up a piece of paper in to many tiny pieces, they don’t have an outcome in mind they just enjoy the process.

We have a few of the younger children who are starting to pull themselves up on things and gaining confidence on their feet, we have been providing lots of push along toys and activities at standing level for them to extend these skills. the older children enjoy playing with them and offering encouragement. 

Some of the older children have started to take part in Forest School with Lindsay (who used to work here), Lindsay is currently training to be a Forest school leader and every Wednesday for a few weeks will take a few of the children over to the woods to explore and discover. This is a great opportunity for them to observe nature, climb trees, go on bug hunts and use their imagination in a different environment. The children are really enjoying it, it will also give us more ideas for when we take the children over to the woods. I think next week they may be doing some den building.

Today the children had lots of fun in the hall, we kept the lights off so it was quite dark and gave all the children light up toys. They loved navigating their way around obstacles using their lights and watching the different colours and shapes the light up toys made.

We’ve been playing lots of dice games, a favourite is snakes and ladders, we find just using one counter works well as it makes the game shorter for the children encourages them all to count together and help each other if needed. If you would like to borrow any of our games please let me know, all we ask is that they come back with all the pieces still in them. All the children are familiar with our games and they’ll be able to tell you how to play them (i’m sure they will make sure they win too!).

Many thanks to the parents that have sent in photos and added comments to our observations envelope, this insight really is invaluable to your child and us in supporting your child.

What we have been up to…

September 4, 2015

It’s the first week back for many of the children and it’s flown by! We’ve enjoyed hearing all about summer holiday adventures and if you’ve got any pictures we’d love to display them on our wall for the children to show their friends.

This week the children have all been very excited to see each other and have been busy telling each other all about what they have been up to. They’ve been super busy playing and have been engrossed in many different role play games. This week our main focus has been letting the children settle back in to nursery, explore our new toys and to “catch up” with each other.

We’ve had some new friends join us at nursery and all the children have made them feel very welcome and are helping them to settle in.

We’ve done quite a lot of construction this week ranging from duplo to junk modelling to bendy straws to knex, there has been lots of imagination used and some brilliant team work going on. The children have been sharing ideas with each other and helping each other to achieve things.

There’s been a lot of hairdressing going on this week with “Orchard Hairdressers” up and running. We’ve all had new hairstyles and the children have enjoyed using the different hairdressing tools (it’s ok we’ve kept the scissors away!)

We’ve been using up our energy by doing lots of action songs, we had a very fast version of Head, shoulders, knees and toes” the other day. even I couldn’t keep up! When singing songs I have purposely been changing some words and the children have loved pointing out to me that Ia m wrong and correcting me. This helps the children to think about what they are hearing and encourages good listening skills. there’s nothing they like more than telling us we are wrong!

The weather is turning cold so please make sure your child comes in to nursery with a warm coat, it’s not quite hat and gloves weather yet but i’m sure it won’t be long! We’ve been talking about autumn changes so if you’re out and about this weekend encourage your child to have a loo around and see if there are any first signs appearing.

We are changing the way we plan activities to try to make them even more captivating and to the children’s interests. If you have spotted anything your child has achieved at home or is interested in then please let us know or alternatively you will find post it notes on the unit by the door, with the drawers of toys in. Please write on these, date them and include your childs name and pop them in the “planning observations” envelope attached to the wall. We love parent input and it would be great to include this in the activities we plan for your children. The more observations and snippets we have the more we can plan fun and stimulating activities to promote your childs learning and development. An example could be “while out shopping I asked A to put two carrots in the basket and he did”, from this we may change our role play to a shop and make up some visual shopping lists for the children to “buy”.

I’m busy working out events for the year ahead, if there is anything you would like to see happen or anything you would like to come in and do then please let me know. We have some parents with exciting hobbies and jobs which the children would love to know more about. I am planning on doing another “hotdog and glow stick night” as this was a great success last year and we all had lots of fun.

Thank you for taking them time to read and we hope you have a lovely weekend.